How to add USE Together to Slack?

You need to install the USE Engine app on your machine. Then, you can add USE Together to Slack.
Click on this page
Click on the button Add to Slack
Click on Authorize
USE Together is now added to Slack!

How to use Slack with USE Together?
Once you have added USE Together app to your Slack team, you can use the /use invite, /use web-invite or /use add commands.

Note that you need to have the USE Engine app installed before using these commands.

Check all the available commands and parameters with /use help.
When USE Together is added to your Slack workspace, you can use commands to:

Invite your teammate through the USE Engine app:
/use invite @slackuser or
Send an invite by email (they’ll join you from their web browser):
/use web-invite @slackuser or
Generate an invite link (they’ll join you from their web browser):
/use web-invite
Make a call only:
/use invite @slackuser or audio-only
Switch back to screen sharing when inviting:
/use invite @slackuser or screen
Add a contact to your contact list:
/use add @slackuser or
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