How to start a session from USE Engine?

Who can use this feature? 👤 The presenter, the one who installed USE Engine, can create a session.
To start a session in USE Engine, you have two possibilities:

Start a session with a contact from your contact list.
Click on the Invite user on your screen button just next to their name.

Start a session with someone who is not in your contact list.
❗Use this method to invite someone who is not registered to USE Together.
You can directly invite your team without asking them to install USE Engine. They don’t have to download USE Together or to be registered.

There are two possibilities to invite your team through a browser. You can easily invite a teammate to join your screen by mail or by link:

Invite a user by email.

You can invite your teammate to join your screen by sending them an email. Then your teammate will receive an email with the session link and will be able to join your session directly from their browser.

Open USE Engine.
Click on the Invite a user by email or link button
Select Invite by email
Enter your teammate email
Click on Send

Invite a user with a link.
You can also invite your team by sending them a link directly.

Open USE Engine
Click on the Invite a user by email or link button
Click Invite by link
Your link is directly copied! You can send it to your teammate

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