This behavior refers to a well-known bug in JetBrains IDEs including IntelliJ, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHPStorm, etc. that occurs when working through remote access apps such as USE Together, macOS VNC or TeamViewer on macOS.

JetBrains has officially shipped a fix with their 2020.3 releases. Please follow this guideline to take benefits of the fix:

Go to JetBrains and check the latest release number for your IDE.
If needed, proceed to a regular update for 2020.3 versions or newer. For previous versions, go to this page and download the latest version available.
Install the update package.
Go to 'Help | Edit Custom VM Options...'
Essential step: Add -Dcom.jetbrains.synergyWorkaroundEnabled=true
Restart your IDE
Make sure your USE Engine version is up to date (
Go to USE Engine preferences, 'Advanced' tab and disable 'JetBrains apps patch' to revert our homemade patch

If even after applying these steps, you're still experiencing some focus/input problems with the JetBrains apps specifically, please drop us an email at
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