This behavior refers to a well-known bug in JetBrains IDEs including IntelliJ, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHPStorm, etc. that occurs when working through remote access apps such as USE Together, macOS VNC or TeamViewer on macOS. While we rolled out some patches to circumvent this issue in version and up, it seems that they have not fully fixed the problem. JetBrains will officially ship a fix with their 2020.3 releases during Fall 2020. In the meantime you can choose between one of these two guidelines to take benefits of the fixed JetBrains Runtime, also known as JBR, before the official release.

Option 1: Using the latest Early Access Program (EAP) release of your IDE

Go to
Select your IDE
Download and install the latest package
Go to 'Help | Edit Custom VM Options...'
Essential step: Add -Dcom.jetbrains.synergyWorkaroundEnabled=true
Restart your IDE

Option 2: Using a specific JBR build

Download the specific build:
Extract the archive to a specific directory
Open your JetBrains IDE, then open the Settings/Preferences dialog, select 'Plugins' (you can also ⌘,) and search for the 'Choose Runtime' plugin
Install it
Go to 'Help | Find Action' (you can also ⇧⌘A) and search for 'Choose Runtime'
Wait while the app is loading the list of available JBR, then put the path of the JBR folder extracted from the downloaded build (which contains a 'Contents' folder)
Go to 'Help | Edit Custom VM Options...'
Essential step: Add -Dcom.jetbrains.synergyWorkaroundEnabled=true
Restart your IDE

If even after applying one of these methods, you're still experiencing some focus/input problems with the JetBrains apps specifically, please drop us an email at
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