USE Engine is now available on Linux. 🎉
If you are facing some issues with it, you can check the following list containing common problems encountered by Linux users and the way to solve them.

Nothing happens when I start USE Engine on Linux?
If nothing happens when you launch the application, please verify the following points:
Wayland is not supported for the moment. Make sure that you are running your desktop environment under Xorg
USE Engine for Linux uses the RandR X11 extension to detect your screen setup. Please check that your configuration is correct (with the xrandr command-line tool), especially that a primary monitor is defined
If you have already checked the two previous points, please send an email with your log files (located in ~/.use-engine/Logs/) to

USE Engine on linux cursors are surrounded by an opaque black box?
This issue means that your system is unable to render transparency. If you are sure that your desktop environment / window manager supports transparency natively, you should check the compositor settings to see if anything goes wrong about it.
If your desktop environment / window manager does not support transparency, you will have to install a compositor manually. For exemple, i3wm does not support transparency natively. To get rid of these ugly black boxes you need to install the Compton composite manager on your system.
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