USE Engine is a desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows you to share your screen with people. It runs on your task or menu bar without interfering with your other apps and lets you start sessions with one click.

In short, USE Engine allows you to:

🖥 Share your screen or a single app with remote control/multiple mouse pointers support
🙎‍♀️ Keep track of your contacts and invite them with one click on your screen
📩 Invite people to join your screen over email or with a direct link
🔄 Switch who's sharing a screen or app when both participants are using the app

How can I install it on my computer?

Refer to the corresponding article to find out how to install it on your computer:

Install USE Engine on Windows
Install USE Engine on macOS
Get the USE Engine Alpha version for Linux

Do people also need to install the app to join me on my screen?

No, they can join you from their web browser without having to install any app or plugin. They don't even need to create any account on USE Together to join you on your screen. When you send them an email or direct link invite, they're prompted to enter a display name before they can join you on your screen. Keep in mind though that the experience might be limited when using the web client. For example, people won't be able to use keyboard shortcuts such as CMD+TAB on macOS or ALT+TAB on Windows/Linux. Also, they can't share their own screen from the web client.

Download the USE Engine app right now and collaborate on all your apps with your team.
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