What is USE Together?

USE Together is a new collaborative screen sharing solution with multiple mouse cursors support and easy web access. You can easily invite your teammates on your computer screen. USE Together helps teams to improve their productivity and work on a computer remotely. It's an ideal tool for pair programming.

Why would you need USE Together?

🤝 Easy collaborative screen sharing
💻 Pair programming solution
🖱 Multiple mouse cursors system
🖥 One-click screen sharing
🌐 Web browser access (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 11)
👤 Contact list
🎙 Voice Chat
📂 File sharing
📩 Simple invitations with a shareable link or by e-mail
⚒ Share any applications
🔄 Swap the presenter role
💥 Low latency
🤚 Respect your privacy
👏🏻 Available on Windows and MacOS

Collaborative screen sharing 🤝
With USE Together, you can share your screen with who you want. Your teammates can directly interact with your machine as if you were all at the same desktop in real time. After they accept your invitation, their own mouse cursors appear on your screen.

Ready for screen sharing? Click here to download USE Together.

Invitation 📩
You can easily invite your collaborators and give them access to your workspace. USE Together is a perfect tool for remote pair programming. You can share your workspace with a simple link or by sending an e-mail.

Voice chat 🔊
You can talk with your team while working together. USE Together has group voice chat support with crisp audio and echo cancellation.

Messages 📫
With USE Together, you can easily chat with your teammates. Direct messages are best for quick discussions. You can also share all your files with your team.

Available for everyone 💻
USE Together is available on Windows and MacOS. Moreover, the new version is compatible with the most used browsers : Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari 11.

Low latency 💥
USE Together offers a low latency experience, even on slow connections.

Respect your privacy 🤚
Respecting your privacy is our priority. A simple live streaming of your screen or app is sent through an encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection, your data stay at home and thus your privacy is protected.

How can I get USE Together? 👨🏻‍💻
Getting started with USE Together is easy. You can download the latest version of USE Together on Windows and on MacOS here.
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